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From clean waste to the clean world

More than 40 years experience

In the chemical engineering Industry,

One of the AF Group Companies, which specializes in chemical

engineering industrial products and has committed and contributed to the growth and advancement of the Nation

since 1974.

B.G.S. International has a strong commitment to make endless innovation for eco rubber products, through continuous research and development.

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EKO Rubber is a product of B.G.S.International

A Member of AF Group Companies

B.G.S. International is a creator and producer of

Natural Rubber Replaceable Material.

We create secret chemical formulas to make the best use of clean rubber scrap and turn them into eco-friendly products.

We can have the ability to respond to your company’s requirements in order

to help you enhance your product capability with lower cost.


We never stop our Research and Development (R&D) of EKO Rubber to be the most efficient raw material for sustainable innovation.

“To make a better future together

It’s our responsibility

We commit to deliver high-quality 21st century green products and seek for any opportunity to collaborate with global partners who share the same passion to make a better future together.

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